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Sabato, 24-02-18 12:44

Stunning photos! There's something truly fascinating about the various sizes and shapes of anchors. I used to fish a bit and could generally catch the anchor in a rock bed!


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Sabato, 24-02-18 12:32

Perfect! Can you tell us/me more about talking too freely on blogs? I worry about that some. Blogging is such a spur of the moment thing, and then it's out there. Also sarcasm doesn't come across as good when it's not in person. Seems easy to miscommunicate. This is really good thank you!


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Sabato, 24-02-18 12:14

Stretch:Back in the day, Norton parts were on a par with Lucas stuff. I had replaced a few kickstart pawls in customer bikes, so, I took a look at the one in my '71. It had some wear, so I put in a new one, and threaded my key ring through the pivot pin hole of the original. Made a neat key fob.A couple years later, the pawl gave up the ghost. Couldn't find a new one, so I put my key fob back in service. Last I heard, it was still working.


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Sabato, 24-02-18 11:40

Jeff 13 avril 2011 rhaaaa, ça râle, ça râle !quand je serai l’équivalent masculin de cette jolie demoiselle, je me permettrai de critiquer ! Et je crois que c’est foutu maintenant…


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Sabato, 24-02-18 11:21

Tracy Stiegler - CHRISTAN! These pictures are amazing. You’re SO talented, I can’t wait to see more of your beautiful work! So glad you’re in our family. September 11, 2008 – 12:18 am


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